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CHORALE HARMONIA - varsity treble


Chorale Harmonia is comprised of sophomore, junior, and senior treble voices who have all completed at least one year in the non-varsity choir. Students are chosen each spring based on ability, academics (UIL eligibility), dedication, and attitude. Chorale Harmonia has been selected for numerous honor performances, most notably as one of the seven TMEA performing choirs in 2010.

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO AUDITIONED. The vocal talent is amazing this year. Sight-reading

and grade level was therefore a major component in the decision process.


Chorale Harmonia 2024-2025

Suha A.

Camila A.

Abigail B.

Angelina C.

Teresa C.


Oliver E.

Genesis E.

Samantha F.

Yaretzi G.

Brooke H.

Didi I.

Jadyn M.

Emmerie N.

Jenica S.

Spencer S.

Adrien S.

Kamea T.

Victoria W.

Anita W.



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