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When does each choir rehearse?

Chorale: During the regular school day AND every Monday night 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Cantamus: During the regular school day AND Cantamus Camp twice a year.

Belle Ensemble/Belle Voci: During the regular school day AND Thursdays in the SPRING 4:15-5:15 p.m.

Are AFTER SCHOOL rehearsals required?

YES!!! They are graded and part of the UIL mandate.

What do I do if I cannot attend an AFTER SCHOOL rehearsal?

If you have a required Bellaire function you must notify director ASAP. Religous holidays are excused without penalty.  Other Bellaire classes (yearbook, debate, theater, band) are all handled on a case by case basis.

What absence will NOT be excused?

Club sports or events; work.

Do grades matter for choir members?

YES!!! Besides the obvious fact that you would like to graduate from high school, choir members cannot perform at UIL, on trips, or compete in All-State if they are ineligible.

What fees are required for choir?

General choir fee: $75

Choir Polo: $25

Do I have to audition for All-State or take voice lessons to be in a Bellaire choir?

No...but both of these programs are opportunities given to you to make you a more confident and better musician.

Do choir members attend fundraisers?

Yes.  All choir students attend car washes, perform in Cabaret, and sell singing Valentines.

When is the busiest time for choir members?

Feburary - April is our competition season.  WARNING: Students will most likely miss school for UIL. Choir absences are "field trip" absences and carry no penalty at BHS,

Do I have to attend the trip?

Chorale members are expected to attend the trip.


Cantamus/Belle Voci/Belle Ensemble are not required but are HIGHLY encouraged to attend.


What performances are required?

FALL: Fall Concert, Cabaret, Winter Concert SPRING: UIL Showcase concert, UIL Concert & Sightreading, Pop Show*Chorale and Madrigal groups have extra performances...see choir calendar.*

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