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CANTAMUS - non-varsity treble


Cantamus is an upper-level non-varsity choir for treble voices in grades 10-12 who have been in choir at Bellaire for at least one year and have satisfied the requirements for advancement. Vocal technique and sightreading are the primary focus of the fall. The spring semester is devoted to working on UIL music. Each student is evaluated in the spring on the following criteria: ability, vocal promise, and attitude.  




MJ de la Torre


Samantha Flores


Anita Weng

CANTAMUS 2023-2024

Natalia A.

Olivia B.

DaeLynne B.

Angelina C.

Jennifer C.

Kyra C.

Mariana D.

Oliver E.

Genesis E.

Yaretzi G.

Dayanara I.

Janet L.

Iyanna M.

Jadyn M.

Arya P.

Spencer S.

Adrien S.

Apray Y.

If you auditioned for Chorale Harmonia or Cantamus and you do not see your name on either list - YOU'RE STILL IN CHOIR... we just think you need a little bit more time to hone your skills in Belle Voci Ensemble.  

See you next year! 


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