Welcome to BHS!

Congratulations! You've made it IN to Bellaire, whether it be by Zoning, Magnet or IB studies.  

Now you're looking for a fine arts elective - you've come to the right place.  

There are NO auditons to join BHS choir.  All first year women will enter our Belle groups.  These are beginning ladies groups (sub non-varsity) that meet either 5th period (Belle Ensemble) or 6th period (Belle Voci).  They are both the same level choir and combine for large competitions. All first year men will join ALL men during 2nd period Chorale Men.  All levels of men rehearse at the same time.  

Ladies, once you've completed one year in either Belle Ensemble or Belle Voci, you are able to audition (if you've remained eligible for UIL) for an upper level choir: Cantamus or Chorale Women.  

Freshman or first year choir students are not able to go directly into Cantamus (non-varsity) or Chorale Women (varsity). 

We cannot wait to see you next year!  Please browse around to find out more information.