A top-performing choir – like any other successful “team” – is made up of confident individuals who perform their best because they know how to use their own unique talents to the fullest. The better the individual performer, the better the overall team!  Through the BHS Voice Lesson program, students have an opportunity to receive private, 1-on-1 vocal instruction/coaching­ – at a significantly reduced rate.  Lessons are specifically tailored to address each student’s personal needs and goals, as well as to reinforce important classroom teaching concepts.


Students who take private lessons tend to advance more quickly and achieve more, such as making an All-State Choir, being selected for the Madrigal Choir, and being hired for PAID singing positions.  I encourage all interested students to take private lessons.



Besides building confidence to sing in front of other people, voice lessons give students an opportunity to focus on many different goals, including:

   .  improving basic skills: how to reach “the high notes,” have more breath control, etc.   

   .  learning key music fundamentals, such as sight-reading and counting

   .  preparing for solo tryouts --  for concert music, Cabaret, and outside events

   .  performing solos at Region and State Solo & Ensemble Contests

   .  polishing audition material for All-State Choir competition

   .  auditioning for advanced music study and college music programs  



Lessons take place during the student’s regular choir class or at lunch.  The cost is $20 per lesson (25 minutes each).  Students generally average about 3 lessons per month.   A full year commitment is required, and lesson fees are due by the end of each month.



Students have a chance to sign up for lessons at the beginning of the school year.  A completed application form -- signed by a parent -- must be turned in by the announced deadline. Due to the limited number of spaces available, selection is based on evaluation of each individual’s potential for vocal and musical growth.  For returning voice students, additional consideration is given to the individual’s demonstrated level of vocal interest, progress made in the prior year, and overall commitment to the choral program.  Students must remain in good academic standing to continue in the program.

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